Welcome to Westerqwarn!

During the period 1/1 to 31/3, our service house is closed. The price for a stand including electricity is therefore set at only SEK 100/day during this period.

Motorhome parking Westerqwarn

We are a motorhome pitch that offers a relaxed, beautiful and fresh environment with a large selection within a stones throw for those who do not just want to sit in the deck chair.

In total, we have about 90pitches in the summer, of which 22 pitches in winter on gravel and 30 pitches in the summer when the lawn is open.

During the winter, we only have "bookable places" and zone G for the drop-in. When the lawn is closed during the winter.

Prices per day:

  • SEK 265-295 with electricity
  • SEK 150-200 without electricity
  • If you pre-book a place, there will be a pre-booking fee of SEK 40.

37 places can be booked and for the rest it is only "first to Qwarn" during the summer.
In zone F (non-bookable places) there are 20 places with electricity during the summer.

On our website you can read current info, please click on the link www.westerqwarn.se/stallplats


Do you have other questions? Call us on +46(0)220-406 88 or send an email.

You can read our parking rules here!

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